Pampas (Cortaderia jubata C. selloana) is a tall ‘cutty grass’ with large erect flower heads that flower in late January. It has the ability to form large clumps that crowd out natives completely and is not to be confused with our native toe toe, which is smaller and has drooping flower heads.

Pampas has a very lightweight seed that is able to be blown long distances - we often find it around beachfronts, on roadsides and on slips throughout the Park, but most often north of Onetahuti.

We’d encourage landowners to deal with any pampas on their properties or beachfronts, and please let us know if you see any elsewhere in the Park.

See for differences between toe toe and pampas.


Pampas (Cortaderia jubata)

Pampas (Cortaderia jubata)—photo: Weedbusters