Wattle (Acacia spp) trees in the Park mostly originated from Australia and there are many species around.

In the Park, they have established both as garden plantings, and through historic plantings by early settlers, such as behind Venture Creek at Awaroa, and between Anchor Bay and Te Pukatea Bay.

Different species pose differing spread risks, but the one thing the species all have in common is a preference for open and dry sites. As such, like Grevillea, they could do very well in large areas of the Park if allowed to get away. In 2015, the Abel Tasman Birdsong Trust spent more than $15,000 treating wattles around Venture Creek.

We would encourage landowners to think twice before planting any wattle species at their bach, or near the Park boundaries, and please report any sightings to us in the Park.


Wattle (Acacia spp)

Wattle (Acacia spp)—photo: Weedbusters