Stoat Trapping Network

Over 85% of the Abel Tasman is now stoat trapped and in January 2017 we hit a milestone with 1,000 stoats killed in the Park. 

Project Janszoon began installing the stoat trapping network at the top of the Park in 2013. Four years later, working with DOC, the Abel Tasman Birdsong Trust and Air New Zealand, over 85% of the project area is stoat trapped. This represents the largest stoat trapping network undertaken by a private trust in New Zealand.

Installing and maintaining a trapping network like this is hard work and DOC does a magnificent job.  During two weeks of every month rangers visit every trap site, removing and recording kills, and adding fresh bait. 

The stoat lines are positioned 1 km apart with traps set at 100 m intervals along the tracks. At this density the network meets best practice standards for stoats, but it is not dense enough for effective rat control.  Intensive rat control has been implemented in the Falls River block.

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Visit our YouTube channel to watch the story of the return of kākāriki and kākā to this area.

Project Janszoon is always talking to groups who are researching new technologies for pest control. We are keen to offer opportunities for organisations to trial emerging products as part of our commitment to helping develop new pest control technologies. At times Project Janszoon works with ZIP (Zero Invasive Predators). You can follow some of their predator control initiatives through ZIP.