Virtual Visitor Centre and Wi-Fi Network

Abel Tasman Virtual Visitor Centre

Please download our free smart phone app for up-to-date information on weather, tides, points of interest, history, plants, wildlife and walking times in the Abel Tasman National park.  The app is designed to work on Android and Apple devices.

The app will work even when you are off-line, so you will be able to use it while you explore and discover the Park.

Download Abel Tasman National Park App from App Store

Download Abel Tasman National Park App from Google Play


The Wi-Fi hotspots in the Park do not provide full internet access. You may use them to download the smart phone app and to browse the following sites:

Pay-per-use Wi-Fi available at Torrent Bay and Awaroa

Project Janszoon provides pay-per-use internet access on private land at Torrent Bay and Awaroa villages.  Search for Wi-Fi on your device when you are in the villages and follow the instructions for Project Janszoon Internet Access.

Costs are $5 a day, $25 a week or $50 for 30 days use inclusive of GST.  The income helps maintain the network, and provides funding towards the project. 

Please be aware that given the nature of the environment, with the proximity to the sea and wildlife with an interest in destroying equipments, the serivce can fail at any time and we are not able to guarantee any level of service.

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