Canada goose

The Canada goose was introduced into New Zealand as a game species. It has become so abundant, and is such a problem for pastoralists, that all protection has been lifted. This bird was unknown within the Abel Tasman National Park until a few years ago. Now there is a small, obvious flock established at Apple Tree Bay.

Identification is not difficult with this species. It is the only wild goose you are likely to encounter: brown upper parts, a black neck, and head with a distinctive white chinstrap. If you do not see it at first, its loud and persistent honking will soon draw your attention.

Time will tell how long this small flock uses the Bay. The birds must move out to feed, maybe to the Marahau Valley, and will also disperse during the breeding season.

Canada goose

Canada goose. Photo: New Zealand Birds Online

Canada goose calls on New Zealand Birds Online.

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