Silvereye (tauhou)

The silvereye is arguably our most common and most widespread native bird. It is sometimes known as the waxeye. The silvereye is a relatively recent arrival from Australia and its success in New Zealand is surely due to its ability to thrive in almost all habitats and feed widely on invertebrates, fruit and nectar.

Silvereyes are small, distinctive birds. They have a pale breast and olive green upper parts offset by a stunning ring of white feathers around each eye. Their song is not particularly distinctive, but a plaintive 'cree' call is given regularly and is perhaps more of a giveaway.

These birds are found in large flocks outside of the breeding season. The flocks range widely in search of seasonally abundant but localised food. For orchardists and grape growers this can be a problem.


Silvereye (tauhou)

Silvereye (tauhou). Photo: New Zealand Birds Online


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