About The Trust

Project Janszoon is a privately funded initiative working in partnership with the Department of Conservation to address the ecological restoration of the Abel Tasman National Park.

Initial funding is provided by a philanthropic New Zealand family trust. Over time there will be opportunities for other individuals or organizations to add their support.

The Project is focused on halting the current ecological decline in the Park that is the result of weed and animal pest incursions, then taking the necessary steps to set the Park’s ecology on a path to recovery. To achieve the latter, the Project will maintain and expand pest control efforts, support the reintroduction or supplementation of key native bird populations, and establish a programme of planting with native plants.

Project Janszoon and its partners believe that with appropriate action on these key issues the ecological fortunes of the Park can be reversed. This will allow the steady recovery of native flora and fauna by natural processes over the next three decades.

Abel Tasman National Park was chosen by the Trust because it is one of New Zealand’s most iconic and accessible national parks. This is an ideal location to demonstrate the potential of a sustained restoration effort where it can be appreciated by the more than 150,000 visitors who enjoy the Park each year.

The Trust has set itself the goal of transforming the ecology of the Park over the next three decades leading up to the December 2042 celebration of the 400th anniversary of Abel Janszoon Tasman’s visit to this land, and the centenary of the formation of Abel Tasman National Park.