Ruth Bollongino

Scientific Consultant

Ruth is our data cruncher. It is her job to document, archive and publish the scientific outcomes for the project.

A native of Germany, she has a PhD in biology, specialising in paleogenetics, physical anthropology and archaeology. While working at the Johannes – Gutenberg – University in Mainz her main research focused on the development, origin and adaptation of prehistoric human populations, using DNA from archaeological bones and teeth. A second topic was the domestication of animals and their subsequent spread during the Neolithic era.

On the side, she worked as a scientific expert for the human evolution programme of UNESCO and wrote popular scientific articles on New Zealand’s ecology for a German travel magazine.

Ruth met her Kiwi partner on the Heaphy Track in 2010 and decided to swap laboratory work for the fresh air of Tasman Bay, moving here in 2015. Her partner works in the Abel Tasman so she spends lots of time in the Park, nurturing her other great loves—the outdoors and photography.

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