Fungi Friday – Cortinarius carneipallidus

19 January 2022 | All News » Fungi Friday
Cortinarius carneipallidus is a striking dark purple mushroom grows in beech forests to a height of 100mm, with a cap up to 90mm across. It was first described in 2015, so is a recent addition to New Zealand’s recognized native fungi.
Another dark purple fungi and close relative, Cortinarius kioloensis, prefers to grow under myrtle species such as manuka and kanuka.
Fungi of the Cortinarius genus number over 100 in New Zealand, with different species in a wide range of colours. This beautiful carneipallidus was found by DOC ranger Ellie Kerrisk in the beech forest behind Wanui Hut.
purple mushroom

Cortinarius carneipallidus spotted in beech forest behind Wainui Hut. Photo: Ellie Kerrisk

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