Project Janszoon Newsletter – March 2015

Kaka release looking likely for spring

It is looking positive for a spring release of kaka into the top of the Park.

The news is exciting after years of discussion with conservation geneticists about where Project Janszoon should source kaka from.

Project Janszoon ornithologist Pete Gaze says DOC has now indicated there is a path forward with a likelihood captive raised birds bred in the South Island will be available for release.

“We now need to submit a translocation plan to DOC for formal approval but this is an exciting step forward. It looks like we should be able to release a good number of birds each year for five years which will be enough to make a real difference,” he says.

There are historic accounts of large numbers of kaka in the Park. While a few of the large forest-dwelling parrots are still present in the higher parts, it is thought they are likely to all be males and in such low numbers that they need help to re-establish a population.


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