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Nīkau palm

The nīkau palm is our only native palm and unique to New Zealand. It is the southernmost member of the palm family and the most

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The pukatea tree is one of New Zealand’s largest with glossy green leaves (puka) and white to grey bark (tea). In the Park, pukatea is

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Northern rātā

Rātā are special because every few years they flower spectacularly, covering the canopy briefly in red and providing huge supplies of nectar to the tui

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Kānuka grows in more fertile drier places and can cover large expanses of hillside. Initially tall and dense it starts to breakdown with age and

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Mistletoes are pretty rare in the Abel Tasman thanks to a combination of possums, who love to browse on them, and stoats and rats reducing

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Mānuka is one of the most common plants in New Zealand and often linked as one species with kānuka. In fact, it is a different

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Kahikatea are our forest giants, one of the characteristic podocarps of New Zealand, specialised for growing around wetlands and forming swamp forest. When mature, kahikatea

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Beech trees

The Abel Tasman is home to all five species of beech trees which all prefer different soil and climate conditions. Beech trees can produce millions

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