Pāteke / brown teal are doing well, so far


72 pāteke were released into the Awapoto River in the Abel Tasman in May 2018. This follows the successful release of 20 of the rare ducks in 2017.

DOC senior biodiversity ranger Jim Livingstone has a way with words when it comes to our latest Abel Tasman residents. 

As of today, all were accounted for – fit and well…… Perhaps too fit and too well….

Gregarious in habit, with a large splashy, unruly, feathery raft of around 60 individuals frequently paddling up, and then drifting down the river. Less cryptic (perhaps braver or more foolish) than last year’s cohort. Horseplay to the fore, with madcap, and sometimes synchronised bombing off the bank.

Unflattering boisterousness at feeding stations – Squabbling, warbling, growling and peeping, with food pellets disappearing at a great rate.

The majority have shown little curiosity …. happpy in their new home at Hadfield’s.  Only one brave monitored individual has ventured forth ….. to Waiharekeke – perhaps with others, we don’t know for sure.

Typically with pāteke; divided they stand, united they fall – Best to be unassuming, and to hold get-togethers in secret.

The resident harriers and falcon are curious, but thus far respectful. Long may it continue…

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