Second kākā nest found


A second nest has now been found where a captive raised female and wild male have hatched two chicks in the Canaan area.

In March we found that another of the captive bred females, had paired up with a wild male and fledged four chicks. 

The chicks near Canaan are close to fledging and while the nest is in an area where we undertake predator control, additional steps have been taken to protect it.

Recently, DOC rangers Dan Arnold (pictured) and Fay Mckenzie wrapped slippery, heavy-duty polythene around the tree trunk to make it harder for predators to climb up to the nest.

We will continue to monitor these new chicks, and when they are big enough, will fit them with radio tags so we can follow their progress over the next few years.

The beech mast also has a down side as with lots of beech seed, rat numbers are expected to soar. Once the seed has gone the rats can decimate bird populations. While we do have an extensive predator trapping network in the park, Project Janszoon and DOC are undertaking an additional aerial predator control operation in the next few months.

For more information on the operation click here

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