Wildlife - Kākāriki



Kākāriki or yellow-crowned parakeets are small, bright green, noisy parrots that spend most of their time high in the forest canopy.  Their characteristic chatter can be heard in the upper reaches of the Park.

Like kākā, their unfortunate habit of nesting in tree holes means they are extremely vulnerable to rats and stoats.  Predators not only clean up the eggs or nestlings but are also likely to kill the adult female on the nest.

Since 2014 Project Janszoon and DOC have released captive raised kākāriki into the upland area of the Park where intensive predator control has taken place.  In time, with the establishment of a predator free corridor from the top of the Park, it is hoped they will migrate towards the Coast.

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Bird calls courtesy of NZ birds online

Photos courtesy of Dave Buckton nelsonphototours.co.nz

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