Wildlife - Kororā / blue penguin

Kororā / blue penguin


The blue penguin is the world’s smallest penguin, known as kororā in Māori, and variously called blue, little blue or fairy penguin in English.

They are commonly seen swimming in the waters of the Abel Tasman but you are less likely to spot them on land as they only come ashore after dark.  There are a number of small colonies around the shoreline of the Park and on islands.

Blue penguins come ashore both to breed and moult, seeking shelter in a cave, a tumble of rocks or a self-excavated burrow. For the keen observer, an evening vigil at dusk on a less-visited beach may be rewarded. Make sure you stay hidden as the penguins are easily scared.

Bird calls courtesy of NZ birds online

Photo credit – Ruth Bollongino www.fernphotos.com

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